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We are extremely poor and need to pay for our record to be mixed. 
Ryan found a few sold out shirts and tapes in a box and has put them on our bigcartel along with a test pressing for Before You Go.
We also have a few shirts and records left over. Please help us out if you can! Thank you xx



Angel Du$t

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Tyson’s GS500 is up for sale as he’s onto his next project - an old trumpy.

If you’re interested, give him a call on +61 0439920275

Details of the build:
2007 Suzuki GS500, LAMS bike, full custom work undertaken by 66 motorcycles. If you asked 66 to make you the same bike today, I reckon you’d pay at least 5k more so it’s a great way to get on top of a custom bike.

Inspires me to mod my GS

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I recommend you don’t be a shitty security guard around the guys in The Story So Far.